Our Policies

It is the intention of Mike Etheridge Construction Ltd to effectively manage and improve its environmental performance and minimise the impacts its business has on the environment.

1. We recognise that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment. We will ensure that all staff are trained in our environmental management policy and given guidance in its implementation.

2. As a consequence of this, the management are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution.

3. Current environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance.

4. We will implement measures to help the business and its employees to use ‘green transport’ for example, providing facilities for cyclists (including shower rooms), encouraging car sharing, and encouraging the use of public transport by providing information on local routes.

5. We will dispose of all waste in a responsible manner, ensuring that we always comply with the Duty of Care Regulations.

6. We will try, where possible, to use suppliers who are willing to take away packaging for re-use or recycling and will consider the environmental impact of any purchases.

7. We will try to reduce the water consumption of the business and minimise CO2 emissions. We will invest in the improved energy efficiency of products we use and investigate environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources.

8 We will ensure that dust, noise and odour do not cause nuisance to the community surrounding the place of business or site on which we are working.

9. We will try to reduce waste production and carry out recycling as much as possible.

10. In the office environment, paper will be used sensibly, with measures to re-use and recycle waste paper, and the increased use of electrical communication to reduce the need for paper use.

11. We will ensure that no polluting matter enters surface waters or groundwater.

12. We will try to use sub-contractors and suppliers who comply with the requirements of our environmental management policy.

All employees and sub-contractors are encouraged to understand and implement the requirements and objectives of this policy in their day to day work through regular discussion, communication and training.

It is the policy of Mike Etheridge Construction Ltd, so far as is reasonably practicable to:

1. Provide and maintain safe and healthy workplaces with safe systems of working practices and appropriate guidance.

2. Provide all employees with the information, instruction, training and supervision required to enable them to carry out their tasks safely.

3. Provide such protective equipment as is necessary for the health and safety at work of employees and visitors.

4. Engage and consult with employees on day to day health and safety conditions.

5. Provide and maintain plant, equipment and tools in a safe and reliable condition.

7. Make arrangements for safe handling, transport and storage of plant, equipment, tools, materials and substances.

8. Maintain good housekeeping and ensure disposal of waste.

9. Report all accidents and incidents of work related ill health.

10. Implement a drugs, alcohol and smoking policy.

Overall and final responsibility for health and safety id that of: MIKE ETHERIDGE, Managing Director.

Day to day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into place at all bricklaying and scaffolding sites is delegated to:GARY JONES, Director.

Day to day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into place at all other sites/projects delegated to:ROBIN SHAW, Developments Manager.

The company has unlimited access to expert help and assistance on all health and safety matters, in compliance with Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, provided by C&G Safety and Environment Ltd.

Mike Etheridge Construction Ltd is committed to:

1. Providing its customers with products and services which meet or exceed their requirements and ensure they receive the best possible added value.

2. Enhancing customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and actively seeking customer feedback.

3. Monitoring and analysing the quality and environmental management system by internal and external audits to ensure any areas requiring improvement are identified and leading towards certification to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 140001:2004.

4. Maintaining and improving the Quality Management System which will be reviewed at least once a year at the management review meetings.

5. Through regular communication, ensure all employees understand, and work within, the requirements of the Quality and Environmental Management System and to encourage suggestions for improvement.

The objectives and targets which underpin this policy are to:

1. Actively seek customer feedback to use as a guide for continuous assessment of company performance. TARGET : Overall Satisfaction score 90%.

2. Provide our employees with appropriate ongoing training to ensure they are capable of undertaking work in a safe and responsible manner, in accordance with the company’s health, safety and environmental policies. TARGET: Staff & sub-contractors certified to the appropriate construction industry scheme 100%.

3. Monitor compliance with the Quality and Environmental Management System. TARGET: All processes audited and non-conformances corrected within agreed timescales.

4. To achieve ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004. TARGET: Certified by end of 2012.

In order for Mike Etheridge Construction Ltd to achieve the above objectives, every employee and sub-contractor must:
1. Understand customer needs and prioritise their work accordingly.
2. Be responsible and accountable for the quality of their work at all times.

Mike Etheridge Construction Ltd fully supports the principles of equality and diversity and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination. To this end, the company aims to treat all people fairly, and with respect, regardless of race, nationality, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or age.

As an employer we will:

1. Strive to ensure all employees are recruited on the basis of ability and other objective, relevant criteria.

2. Consider all job applications fairly and provide training and support to enable all employees to carry out their duties.

3. Treat all employees with respect and dignity and encourage them to reach their full potential.

4. Seek to create a prejudice free and supportive working environment.

5. Take action against unlawful or unfair discrimination.

As a service/ product provider we will:

1. Recognise, understand and respect the diversity of our customers and the communities in which we work.

2. Use methods of communication that are appropriate an sensitive.

3. Work with partner organisations and others to establish a working environment free from harassment, discrimination and victimisation.

All our employees are required to:

1. Deal equally and fairly with colleagues, suppliers and customers at all times.

2. Take appropriate and immediate action in the event of incidents of harassment or discrimination and, if necessary, alert or involve more senior staff.

This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Muike Etheridge Construction provides construction contracting services to national construction companies, private companies, local authorities and the general public.

Everyone at Mike Etheridge Construction is committed to ensuring that all our customers receive the best possible service. We take every customer complaint very seriously and will do all we can to resolve them quickly and fairly.

Accordingly, Mike Etheridge Construction will:

1. Upon receipt of a complaint, or customer request, immediately acknowledge its receipt.
2. Arrange to meet with the customer, or anyone acting on the customers’ behalf, to ensure our full understanding of the problem and reach agreement on the solution, including timescales.
3. If for some reason we cannot resolve the cause of the complaint within the agreed timescale, we will keep the customer informed of the delay and the reasons for it.
4. Maintain a complaints database to log all issues/complaints received and to ensure a robust audit trail is in place.

We will review this policy periodically and, if necessary, amend the content of this policy annually.

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